The tailored tool for climate analysis (DATACLIME)

DATACLIME tailored tool to analyse for observed and simulated climate data building upon award winning tool making it possible to analyse ensembles of multi-model climate simulations.

Engage end-users

Do you need to know detailed climate conditions? DATACLIME service allowed to integrate to users to have what really they expects! To support the effective development of DATACLIME service, CMCC has scheduled web conferences and physical meetings encouraging the direct access to DATACLIME interface and to collect their feedback and then improve the service. The DATACLIME service already supports different types of users such as: consultancy companies, engineers, academic researchers, scientists, public administrators. Users with programming skills can furtherly tailor the results provided by DATACLIME, while for users that don’t have advanced programming skills, many different climate analysis are already available; however DATACLIME service is in continuous development following evolution of the climate studies at CMCC.


DATACLIME is a climate service developed by REgional Models and geo-Hydrological Impacts Division (REMHI) of CMCC Foundation ( DATACLIME provides observed and simulated climate data (e.g. EURO-CORDEX, COSMO-CLM developed by CMCC) but derived products and solutions for different scopes and users. DATACLIME take a care of the whole information production chain: from the climate data collection/storage since processing of climate data according to user needs. The processing of climate data includes bias correction and climate analyses using the high-resolution climate projections. DATACLIME is also able to provide climate data in support further impact studies(e.g. floods, drought, landslides, heat waves, windstorm). The strengths of DATACLIME are:

  • Easy access to a huge amount of climate data;
  • Customization of climate analysis on different temporal and spatial scales;
  • Different statistical analysis: time series, trend, extreme indices, climate anomalies, multi-model approach and associated evaluation of uncertainty;
  • Results available in different format (tables, graphics and maps) to be adoptable in other platforms for additional analysis
  • Training materials to support user step-by-step.

To support its sustainability, DATACLIME may exploit a usage-based business model. Conceived as a web-based and multi-product tool, DATACLIME aims at supporting decision-making by offering highly scientific results in user-friendly formats. DATACLIME translates a typically research-dominated approach in a ready-for-market product.


The service supports the decision-making process of users with different expertise by improving understanding and detailed analysis of climate and of related impacts. Most of the services features are designed on the base of interactions with users and stakeholders. Climate results, obtained using DATACLIME in the pilot application, have been used for further analysis related to the quantitative evaluation of the variation of the impacts, in terms of frequency and magnitude, induced by climate change. Therefore DATACLIME represented an useful tool to integrate climate change issues into the planning process and so to improve the decision-making process.


DATACLIME is a value-driven climate service. The functionalities are continuously updated in agreement with the standard of scientific community, CMCC finding and users requirements. The users are available to pay for using it if needed; the amount, of course, should be linked to how much data are needed (time spans, concentration scenarios) and required post-processing activities (bias correction, calculation of indices).

Developers team (CMCC)

P. Mercogliano (Scientific leader and product Manager), G. Barbato,
(Product Engineer), V. Villani and A. L. Zollo, (Product developers),
N.C. Zollo (Product controller)