Small Hydropower Management Tool (SHYMAT)

SHYMAT provides river flow predictions in snow dominated areas, considering the environmental flow requirements that limit the water use for hydroelectricity production.

Engage end-users

Data providers, service purveyors and potential end-users were involved in local meetings and Multi Users Forums, during which end-users closely participated in the design of SHYMAT and local data provision. This Co-generation has led to a correct scale of the forecast information and the right tools to convey it, which results in a more effective knowledge system but also a more robust knowledge and contextual applicability of the seasonal climate forecast.


SHYMAT is a scalable web user interface aimed at using climate data forecasting to foresee operation feasibility of run-of-river hydropower plants. The service offers a cloud web application with restricted access but also an intuitive and friendly user interface: 1) A geolocation map which presents the user all the hydropower systems included in the service; 2) A topological panel module which shows the elements of the system (basins, rivers, load chambers, hydropower plants, and power grid) and their interactions; 3) A water availability and operation module which provides users with past, present and future information.  SHYMAT follows an Access provision business model, covering new geographical areas in Spain and Europe thanks to its scalable software architecture. The service uses multi-product revenue generation opportunities, including local implementation, customization and maintenance.


SHYMAT provides end-users with the most up-to-date hydrological combining measurements and modelling with the most advanced seasonal forecast that currently exists at European level. The service supports managers to anticipate: (1) High production periods and shutdown periods, for maintenance and repair tasks planning; 3) Possibility of compliance with environmental river flow restrictions; (4) The spilling of water, giving managers the opportunity to quickly tune up additional turbines; 5) Energy production, clearly valuable information for market issues. These opportunities provide hydropower managers with potential benefits conditioned by an improvement in the accuracy of the seasonal forecast.


SHYMAT is a value-driven climate service

Users are willing to pay for the implementation and maintenance of a climate service offering clear and reliable information of water availability for the next season and how it affects the operation planning.

Developers team (UCO)

Contreras, J. Herrero, M. J. Polo, C. Aguilar