Air Quality in future CLImate (AQCLI)

AQLI The climate change may strongly affect air quality standards in the Po river Valley in the North of Italy. The evaluation of the impact of climate on air quality is still under investigation and AQCLI service aims at addressing this specific issue. The AQCLI service will provide an assessment of how climate change will affect the air quality, especially for PM10 and O3. The assessment will be representative of urban background concentration. It will represent both present conditions and a future scenario.

Engage end-users

The motivation for this service arises from the increasing awareness of the impact of air quality on human health. The demand for knowledge by people is growing so that the demand of knowledge by local authorities is increasing as well. ARPAE is naturally involved in decision support for public administrations. Cooperation between institutions was the basis of the development of the service.


AQCLI service is a web platform to visualize maps and elaborations. Users may also download all the required data and make their own elaborations.

The AQCLI service produces an evaluation of future meteorological conditions on accumulation of pollutants. The service focuses on single municipalities and is able to estimate the variation of possible exceedances of pollutants in the target area.


The users of AQCLI service may improve the knowledge of climate change impact on a local scale air quality. The users will have a tool to estimate the impact of future meteorological conditions if no emission reduction policy is undertaken. The service may strengthen the planning of air quality improvement policies.


The AQCLI provider is asked by mandate to provide services for the air quality.

The value chain is oriented towards the generation and delivery of a given value to customers.  In the context of a public authority such as ARPAE, network of data suppliers and customers is built around the common good and represents a truly unique leverage.  Ad-hoc requests are managed through the payment of pre-defined fees.

Developers team (ARPAE)

Amorati, M. Stortini