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Climate Devil's Advocate on a scientific basis

The transition towards a zero-carbon economy is profoundly reshaping the business-as-usual. Climate services are risk management tools: they offer data products and tailored information and they allow the user to take climate-smart decisions. Thanks to the unprecedentedly fast scientific progress, practitioners, researcher and even companies can now offer bespoke indicators and metrics to signal where climate can be hostile to their productive activities.

This approach puts the future risks into present considerations, preventing losses and increasing the profit margin. And works for every sector around the globe. Moving from useful to usable climate services call for the most adequate business models for climate services: business models entail the evolving logic of an organisation to co-create value with its users so as to promote innovation and support decision-making through the transformation of climate data into bespoke knowledge services.

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The Climate Devil’s Advocate is a game that guides the climate services development teams along the business model creation process. It works in steps and uses tools from different disciplines ranging from international management to sociology. It includes three main components:

  1. The revised Business Model Canvas, to sketch the business model of each climate service
  2. The Cards Game, to detect barriers and opportunities behind each value proposition
  3. The Three Horizons Framework, to imagine and plan the future wisely

It is easy, print-at-home ready and publicly available. You can play alone, in teams and in workshops. Be inspired and scale up your climate service.

Download and Print the Game

Click on the material, read the instructions and play with your team!


Game instructions

The Instructions explain the rationale of The Climate Devil’s Advocate and provide the scientific background of the three components of the game. The manual guides practitioners throughout the game, clarifies the objectives and the method to achieve them.


Playing cards

The Cards Game requires the cards deck and a board game. Print the cards (or copy them by writing on the board) and allocate the cards according to the different dimensions of the board. Download the cards and have fun with your team!


Three Horizons Framework

A forward-look is required to make the service scalable and durable. The Three Horizons Framework is a science-based tool that allows practitioners to imagine the medium run and to describe the requirements to move towards the transition from the status quo and the future.