Air pollution and public health (AIRCLOUD-SMHI)

AIRCLOUD-SMHI is a tool for air-quality modeling developed by SMHI with DCMR as users.

Engage end-users

AIRCLOUD-SMHI service is a web-based tool for modelling of air pollution emissions and atmospheric dispersion of pollutants.

The service uses upstream climate data services as input for atmospheric dispersion modelling and analysis. All input data is pre-loaded into the system. The user interface is focused on local-scale dispersion modelling and suits local authorities, health experts and researchers.


AIRCLOUD-SMHI service is operational and is currently being tested. The system forms the basis for the development of the Swedish national system for air-quality modelling, SIMAIR ( ), which is currently under development.


By reducing the effort needed for managing input data and to set up atmospheric dispersion modelling, AIRCLOUD-SMHI saves money for the air-quality modeler.


Target audiences
  • Public or private funding institutions
  • Research and Technology Organisations
  • Private Investors

Developers team (SMHI)

Christiana Photiadou